Eco chic

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about a topic that we all know is out there, and that is very important, after all, it effects us all! It’s the environmental problems. Isn’t it sad to see how much damage we have caust our planet by the way we are living our lives? All the plastic that floats all over etc. It is hard for one person to “save the world”, but I truly believe that we all can do just a little bit better by making small changes in the right direction. Here on my blog I want to start shareing some of the more eco-friendly changes I do, and maybe I can inspire you to do the same! It’s not about doing it perfect, but it’s about each of us makeing a small change for the better!


First out is changing my normal makeup remover pads that are packed in plastic bags and only used once, to reusable makeup remover pads in cotton that you can wash in a little cotton bag with your clothes and use again and again. In the long run, you will save money as well. They sell them in some stores , you can check it out here.



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