The Journey Begins



So this is it, my first blog post is out. I have been thinking so much about this, should I or shouldn’t I start a blog? But finally I made a decision to just go for it! I feel it’s the perfect timing for me personal, to create my own space were I can share my passions in life, a place to keep myself creative and take time out from school and all the work around that.

Right now I’m in Barcelona, I came today and I’m gonna stay here for 12 weeks.I have never been here before, but wow, I can all ready tell that this gonna be an amazing stay! This city is just amazing, it has everything and more. I’m here with an other girl from Norway, so grateful to have a person to share all this with.

Today we spent our time walking around the neighborhood, that happened to have the biggest Sephora in Europe (oh, did you say heaven?). We also found this very cozy restaurant that served fresh pressed juices and delicious salads, just how I like my food! Now we are in our hotel, just finished the day with a sheet mask and facials.

If you have been in Barcelona before, please give me some tips about places to see, what to do and places to eat.

Good night

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. — Lao Tzu


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